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Your Zodiac Soul is the new book by leading astrologer, John Wadsworth. It offers a life-changing, a revolutionary twelve-stage programme, which presents the zodiac as a complete journey of the soul.  Rather than focussing on twelve delineation of character, the zodiac signs are revealed as twelve transformational gateways in the ever-turning wheel of life, a path to happiness and wholeness. 

Praise for Your Zodiac Soul

“The depth of John Wadsworth’s experiential knowledge shines through this book…the practical format and John’s deft touch with language gently leads the reader through profound self-enquiry into en-lighten-ment. Literally shining a light into the parts of our being rarely approached before. Such a joy.” (Judy Hall, author of The Astrology Bible & million-selling The Crystal Bible)

“This gem of a book will refer you directly to a vision of wholeness which is indigenous to the human soul,” (Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron: The Healing Journey)

“Your Zodiac Soul is an inspired book written with enthusiasm, freshness and passion.” (Frank Clifford, Principal of the London School of Astrology)

“Beautifully written…sure to add a deepening clarity for beginners and old hands alike, a pleasure to read, a generous share.” (Jeremiah Abrams, Jungian therapist & author of Meeting the Shadow)

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John Wadsworth became a professional astrologer in 1993, following a profound experience of communion with the night sky, which opened his mind to the poetry of the cosmos and radically altered his worldview. He has been teaching astrology since 2000, running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury. He is known as an innovator in the field, engaging with astrology primarily as an experiential practice capable of facilitating profound healing and transformation. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University. He also teaches night-sky astronomy and runs a mobile planetarium for schools.